Tre5ive - Dear Soulmate

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Timothy Height, professionally known as Tre5ive, is an American rapper from

Macon Georgia. Tre5ive has always had a passion for the arts. The first time

he heard the marching band play, a love for music was formed. He fell in love

with the rhythm of the drums, so much so, he would beat on his desk at

school. His fourth grade teacher noticed something special in Tre5ive, and

instead of telling him to stop, one sentence changed the trajectory of his life.

His teacher asked him to rap, and with no fear, he did just that. He started

rapping at the age of 8, and started his professional music career at the age of

16. Tre5ive founded the rap group Major Gang in 2015 with his childhood

friends, the group went their separate ways after the release of their first

mixtape. He has been signed to 3 different record labels, but finally found a

musical home when he signed to Prominent Entertainment in 2019. His

mixtape “Ole’ Wayz” was released in 2019, followed by the release of his

popular song “ Dear soulmate” in 2020.

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